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July 29, 2014 - The Blue Marlin are thick - Hook & Bull 4/4+1 and a sailfish. Observers and everyone else wanting to join fun Jost Van Dyke day trip (Aug. 6th.) sign up now! MarlinFest Activities Jost Trip

July 28, 2014 - The blue marlin are out there waiting for the big battle to begin! Hook & Bull yesterday was 2/2+ plus a white. Welcome the boys on Boomer in from Bermuda and Goin Galt from the DR! First tournament in Aug. will be the 'Fish for Haiti" Aug. 3-4 See Haiti .

July 26, 2014 - Those coming down for MarlinFest and the ABMT are being offered fun activities such as the BSA's Mahogany Run Golf Tournament (Aug. 10th.) see, a fun day snorkling, beach trip to BVI's Jost Van Dyke (Aug 6th) see and 'Wet N' Wild' our two day center console All Billfish, Wahoo and Yellowfin tournament (Aug. 9-10) see. Capt. Albert Johnston is coming to be honored during our annual 'Board of Captains' party (Aug. 1st.). Everyone book your flight and come join the fun. By the way, the marlin are still biting... Hook & Bull was 2/4 +1 yesterday. See latest press release See Latest Press Release

July 21, 2014 - Exciting things are happening with our Marine Vocational Program (MVP). The St. Thomas Yacht Club is now providing MVP kids with a 'Learn To Sail' program using the vessels in their Optimist fleet. This is a much appreciated addition to our training programs and we thank the members of the STYC for both their outreach and their kind support.

July 20, 2014 - Boats are shutting down after the July Moon... but everyone who went today saw fish. Jose's Mojito 1/1+2, Viva La Vida 1/2, Mike's Betsy 1/1 (half day). ABMT tournament participation is growing... still signing up observers (see above button for info.). MarlinFest awaits - book your flight to be here with the 'Best of the Best' during the Super Bowl of Big Game Fishing! See MarlinFest Activities: MarlinFest. Also see photos of recent 'BVI OPEN ' a first class event held at Bitter End, Virgin Gorda (won by Team Therapy).

July 19, 2014 - Puerto Rico's 'Relief' again the high boat going 2/3 on blues and 1/1 on whites. Blue Heaven 2/2 and the first blue marlin for Patrick Thompson, Capt. Ed's son. Free Spool - 1/2, Betsy 0/1+1, Mojito 0/0+1, Viva La Vida 0/1.

July 18, 2014 - Puerto Rico's 'Relief' 2/2+1, Free Spool 3/3, Hook & Bull 0/1, Betsy 0/4+2, Viva La Vida 0/1, Mojito 0/1, Rod Father 0/2. Bermuda boats are heading south soon. Rumor has it ITP's chowder entry will be titled "Reel Tight Bites". MarlinFest is shaping up to be a fun event!

July 17, 2014 - North Drop Report - Good fishing on the backside... Hook & Bull 2/3+1, Never Say Never 2/4, Betsy 1/1.

July 16, 2014 - North Drop Report - Hook & Bull was the high boat going 3/3 on blue marlin. Therapy Capt. Ray, Mike and crew are doing well - they were 2/2 today and 3/3 yesterday. Andy of St. Croix 0/1 (we welcomed over our STX neighbours!), Sandra T 0/1, Free Spool 1/1, and Never Say Never 0/1.

Click for Forecast / Set up SeaWeather Trial Click to create SeaWeather Account for ABMT July 16, 2014 - Back on St. Thomas after operating Bitter End "BVI OPEN' which was great fun... Thunder released a fish yesterday estimated to be 600+. There has been a bunch of nice fish seen lately. Promoting the 'Wet N' Wild' Center Console (Aug. 9-10) and the ABMT "Boy Scout" Tournament (Aug. 7, 8, 9, 10). Everyone come down for MarlinFest... it's the place to be on the planet in August! Boat builders, engine manufacturers, tackle makers - your clients will be here and you should be too - rubbing elbows and cheering them on!

July 12, 2014 - Full Moon tonight. We are off to Virgin Gorda and the Bitter End Yacht Club. The 'BVI OPEN' will be fished the 13, 14 and 15th. We won't be able to publish results on this website so everyone look for them on our ABMT FaceBook page at: Go FaceBook . Back on St. Thomas on the 16th. to continue preparing for the ABMT and MarlinFest!

click to enlarge photoclick to enlarge photo July 11, 2014 - Day 3 of the VIGFC 'July Open'. The fishing was a little better today: Mixed Bag was 1/2 blues, 1/1 whites. click to enlarge photo Therapy 1/1, Sandra T 0/0, Easy Rider 2/2, Indigo 1/1, Wave Paver 0/0, Hey Girl 0/4+1, Reel Tight 2/2+1, Living the Dream 0/0, Hook & Bull 1/1 (South), Mojito 1/1+1, Reel Passion 1/2 blues & 0/2 on whites. Casca Dura 0/0+2 blues, 2/2 whites.

The VIGFC (Club) held it's awards banquet tonight and everyone in attendence had a great time. First place winner was Team Indigo and imagine... somehow an instant dock party sprang up behind their boat! Second place was won by Team Casca Dura and Team Mixed Bag took third place. See press release: Here

click to enlarge photo July 10, 2014 - Day 2 of the VIGFC July Open. Some saw fish and others didn't. Catching a blue and a white and hanging on to 1st. place in the Club's 'July Open' is Curt Richardson's 'Indigo'. The fleet picked away at it: Mixed Bag 2/2, Sandra T 0/0, Therapy 0/0, Reel Tight 0/0, Reel Passion 0/0, Hey Girl 0/0, Never Say Never 1/2, Wave Paver 0/0, Thunder 0/1, Freebie 2/3 and Casca Dura 2/3+1. Tomorrow is the last day of the tournament. We welcomed down the beautiful Garlington 'Two Cats' today. Looking forward to the 'BVI OPEN' which starts fishing this Sunday up at Bitter End Yacht Club. See todays press release: Here

Have you booked your air to come down for MarlinFest Aug. 5-11? Big Game Fishing Industry - Our clients are your potential clients - see them in action during the ABMT! See link to MarinFest above. Picture it being the Big Game Room during summer in the Caribbean!

July 9, 2014 - click to enlarge photoclick to enlarge photo Finally the bite picked up today with the most boats we've had out this summer in one day. Black Pearl 1/1 (S), Sandra T 1/1 (N), Therapy 0/2, Marlin Prince 0/3, Wave Paver 1/1+2, Hook & Bull 0/0+2, Casca Dura (temp slump 0/0), STX's Living the Dream 0/1, Never Say Never 1/1+1, Reel Tight 0/0+2, Indigo 1/2, Reel Passion 1/3, Mixed bag 0/2, Thunder 0/1. Teams entered into the 'July Open' are the following: Wave Paver, Mixed Bag, Indigo, Casca Dura, Reel Tight, Reel Passion and Living the Dream and Thunder. Good luck tomorrow! See Day 1. press release: Here

July 8, 2014 - Fishing today was slow again. The Freebie saw the most fish going 1/3. Therapy was 1/1, Free Spool 0/0 (south), Casca Dura 0/0, Mixed Bag 1/? (south), Never Say Never 1/2, Reel Tight 0/0+1 and we didn't hear from the boats in the BVI. Tonight was a fun night at the Club's 51st. Annual 'July Open' kick off party. It felt like the old days with good sports fishermen new and old in the room. Welcome anglers, observers and crews! See Carol Bareuther's press release: Here

July 7, 2014 Two boats released a fish today - Indigo on the South and Committed on the North.

July 6, 2014 - It was a fun day today! At 6:30 a.m. kids (est. 150) started showing up for the popular VIGFC's (Club) Kids Dock Tournament. They were on all the docks and caught loads of fish! Press Release On the offshore scene the only boat out was the Sandra T which went 2/2 on blue marlin. It was Capt Frankie's and Troy's first day (welcome back Serena) on the north drop... they haven't lost their touch! Capt. Eddie and his crew on Never Say Never will be at it tomorrow. The 2014 July Moon fishing begins!

click to enlarge photo Keep an eye on the debut of our our new 'WET N' WILD' center console tournament. We've already heard from boat owners coming from St. Martin, St. Croix and Puerto Rico and there is a sizeable fleet here and in the BVI's. Get up a team and hop down for the first annual... there are hot boats to be chartered see boats. All billfish will count for "release" points + teams will receive "weight points" for their tunas and wahoos. CC owners in Florida it's not too late to ship your boat down for the Aug, Sept. and Oct. Moons. Guaranteed, you'll enjoy the trip of a lifetime! Contact us at 340-775-9500 for information.

click to enlarge photo

Popular local Bastille Day Kingfish Tournament is set for July 13, 2014! Press Release

Team Thunder is the first to sign up for our 2nd Annual BVI Open. Tournament is held at the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda Sound Visit BEYC. Also the 2nd leg of the Spanish Main Series (SMS). This is an All-Billfish Tournament fished on choices of 30 or 50 lb. test line. Click to enlarge photo for information on dockage and hotel reservations. Register anglers: Here

Work on the MarlinFest website is finally completed! Today we posted the sponsorship opportunities and we look forward to the participation of companies large and small to participate. We are developing the annual "Schooling Up" of fishermen! Guaranteed that everyone who loves the sport of Big Game Fishing will someday be in attendance!! Boat Builders, engine manufacturers, boat brokers, boat insurers, tournament operators, tackle companies... your clients are ours! See sponsorship opportunities Here

The 2014 ABMT Tournament Activities are now posted. We catch fish and we party too! See all the activities: Tournament Activities

MarlinFest website now has the prices posted for all activities! A week of fun activites is planned around the famous "Boy Scout" tournament - and all are planned to get you back to the docks in in time to see the boats backing in with their marlin flags flying! We recommend you sign up early because some of the activities have limited space.

Business owners... Imagine MarlinFest as being a summer convention for the fishing industry. The who's who of the sport of Big Game Fishing will be here cheering on their clients (high-end consumers)! What a great way to do business (tax deductable business expense) and to see the Virgin Islands! Participating hotels are listed, see our MarlinFest website: MarlinFest Activities

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Angler Profile - August 2014

Steve Shockly
Fort Collins, CO

ďAs a young adult, I got into fly fishing and tying my own flies. I remember catching a fish on a fly that I had tied. It was a very small bluegill on what was supposed to be a black ant, yet it looked more like a black jelly bean someone had carried around in their pocket. But hey, I caught that fish!

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Three Hot Fishing Legs!
Cap Cana, DR (June 6,7,8,10)
Bitter End 'BVI Open' (July 13,14,15)
USVI Open/ABMT (Aug 7,8,9,11)

The Spanish Main Series (SMS) is fished from three destinations in the Caribbean (DR, BVI, USVI). The format is a "team" competition and team members and boats may change between destinations. Min. 2 anglers per team, max. 4. Team points are accumulated and at least 2 legs must be fished in order to win the "Treasure Chest" (pot), the final USVI Open/ABMT leg is mandatory.

The SMS is designed to challenge experienced anglers and crews. Points are earned for the release of blue marlin, white marlin, spearfish and sailfish (Alvarez's DR Intl. Billfish Shootout and and BVI Open - Bitter End, Virgin Gorda). The St. Thomas ABMT "Boy Scout" leg is a blue marlin only tournament. Observers are supplied for all three events - providing that all teams are signed and paid by July 1st. 2014.

The Booty - Series Treasure Chest

Entry into the Spanish Main Series is FREE! Contestants pay only their share of the 'Treasure Chest' which is $10,000 per team. At the end of the series the pot is split 70/30 by the 1st. and 2nd. place winners (after BSA receives it's 15% share), based on total number of accumulated "team" points. Individual legs of the series will naturally have an entrance fee of their own. Participants are encouraged to read the rules of each leg of the SMS before entering.

Leg 1. Cap Cana, DR / Leg 2. BVI OPEN - VG, BVI / Leg 3. STT ABMT "Boy Scout" Tournament

Photos below are for the enjoyment of our readers and they are not to be
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"The Super Bowl of Sport Fishing Tournaments"

(Photos - Richard Gibson)


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Second - Lucas Abud - Casca Dura - Capt. Bruno Larica - 2000 (5 BM)
Third - Michael McCarthy - Black Gold - Capt. Keith Bokenhagen - 1600 (4 BM)

3600 Points - 9 Blue Marlin

2nd. Place Boat - Casca Dura - Capt. Bruno Larica - 2800 Points (7 BM)
3rd. Place Boat - Jichi - Capt. Gene Lenow - 2400 points (6 BM)


Alex Chouest - Chach - Capt. David Dalfo - 800 Points (2 BM)


Free Spool - Capt. Kevin Haddox - 2400 Points (6 BM)


Gulf Rascal - Capt. Billy Borer - 3 Tags


A Virgin Islands shout out to fishermen in Maderia, Canary Islands, Africa, Bermuda, USA, Bahamas, Caribbean, Central and South America, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and all other parts of the world! Send us your photos and fishing reports and we'll share them with our 50,000+ annual readers. See Fishing Reports

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