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The ABMT's true flagship is becoming the Marine Vocational Program (MVP). We now see that the reason for our operating multiple tournaments, creating a self-standing publication, building a popular website and having a large boat show presence - is because we are developing the ABMT's forty year legacy and it is turning out to be our Marine Vocational Program! We feel that we are creating a model training program - one that can be emulated anywhere there kids and water! The proud part is that the MVP is born from the sport of Big Game Fishing! From the same sport has come a conservation organization, a history and record keeping museum... and now we can include (in a smaller but growing way) a youth training program that will lead youngsters to a career path into the marine industry!

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  • Probably our biggest asset is being located in the US Virgin Islands. The blue marlin swim by here on a seasonal basis and because of that we were able to develop a world-class tournament. The ABMT "Boy Scout" Tournament was started 40 years ago (1973) by its founder and avid angler Chuck Senf. The tournament has continued to bloom under the guidance of its all-volunteer committee and as Senf would have wanted itů the BSA is still the beneficiary.

    MVP Activities - The Marine Vocational Program operates in a smart way because we keep our overheads low by sub-contracting the actual training of the kids out to the professionals in the water sports business. St. Thomas being a vacation destination has a large water sports industry and the best part is when kids are out of school in the summertime - is also when the water sports operators need income the most! It's a win-win situation because the students are getting trained under the guidance of professionals and the MVP funds are being circulated back into the community! PADI instructors teach our divers and there is a large public pool in our midst for teaching swimming, and the islands are located in the trades making it a perfect place to learn how to sail!

    Presently we are offering the "fun" basics because they provide us with the "hook" to recruit the kids. As the MVP receives more funding (donations, grants, etc.) will come the courses (mechanical, electrical, refrigeration, fiberglassing, captain's school, etc.) needed for employment in the marine industry. Many of the first MVP students are now headed off to college, and so far two have become PADI instructors! It should be mentioned that to become a MVP student the parents must first sign them up for scouting. The aim is to instill good values while helping to develop solid skills.

    Director's Note: Many thanks to those who have helped us to launch the MVP. We invite all our ABMT fishing friends to put their tax deductable support behind this program and together we'll make it a huge success! JL

    Beginner Swim Lessons - 1 child $95.00 - Course for 10 children $950.00
    PADI Basic Scuba Cert. - 1 child $310.00 - Course for 10 children $3,100.00
    US Sailing Basic Cert. - 1 child $275.00 - Course for 10 children $2750.00

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    Those wanting to send a check can mail to the following address: ABMT MVP, 6616 Estate Nadir, St. Thomas, VI 00802. Make checks payable to: VI Council, Boy Scouts of America. Please write "MVP" somewhere on the check.