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When the leaves are changing color in the North, it means the summer marlin tournaments are over and it's time to get busy with ad sales! It's hard to believe that ON THE EDGE (OTE) is going into it's seventh year of existence! The magazine is designed to showcase our tournaments... broadcast the winners and earn a profit to help support our Marine Vocational Program.

Programs undertaken by the ABMT

  • Marlin Fest 2013

  • The Big Game Room

  • MVP

  • Waves Archives
  • OTE debuts each year from our booth in the Big Game Room at the Miami Intl. Boat Show and then 25,000 free copies are distributed on a year-round basis to reach fishermen everywhere! In addition, the full publication is also viewed online OTE ONLINE providing advertisers with exposure to our 50,000 website readers. Growing too are our subscribers who annually receive OTE in their mailbox by going to our online store at Camp Wahoo subscribe. By the way, annual subscribers receive not only the magazine, but our much sought after ABMT bucket sticker, a mouse pad with beautiful tournament art and free postage!

    Speaking of art - Each year a featured artist is chosen and is asked to donate an original piece. In return we thank the artist with both our exposure (magazine, website, newsletters, etc.) and they receive an invitation to be our guest during the ABMT "Boy Scout" Tournament. Here we proudly announce that the 2013 featured artist will be K.C. Scott. See his work K.C.'s art.


    We have a bit of fun with our tag line "Everyone reads ON THE EDGE!" This year's personality was none other than Capt. Ray Walters of the SF Therapy!

    Advertise in ON THE EDGE to reach Big Game Fishermen, their spouses, crews and their suppliers! We distribute 25,000 copies year-round to tackle shops, fishing clubs, marine stores and to major hotels. Our distributor in Florida delivers to 316 locations throughout Florida, including SW Florida, Tampa and St. Petersburg. Our friend Chris Whitley (for the payment of a t-shirt!) distributes to the North and South Carolina hotspots and locally we handle St. Thomas and Puerto Rico. Look around when aboard the boats, you'll find OTE on the most expensive coffee tables in the world!

    Why is ON THE EDGE so popular? Because we are on the docks where the stories are made Jennings Story and our anglers and crews are some of the best fishermen in the world, and the same goes for our writers and photographers! Photo right: Sam's famous Revenge hangs up 10 blue marlin flags in one day.

    Fishing clubs and non-profit fishing tournaments receive 10% discount on all ad rates. Checks are made out to the Boy Scouts of America. Please earmark "Marine Vocational Program" on check.