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Angler Profile - August 2009


By Carol Bareuther

Maryland-based sports fisherman, Scott Steele, owns several businesses. Some may say he's a workaholic, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying his favorite sport - fishing. "The fact that I still love it after 25-plus years is the best highlight for me," says Steele, who angles off his 61' Garlington, Topless.

Born in Baltimore, Steele fished in fresh water as a boy and switched to salt water angling by the time he was in college. He caught his first marlin, a white marlin, in 1980 off of Ocean City, Maryland, and as he says, "hasn't stopped since."

Marlin, especially blue marlin, says Steele, "are such magnificent creatures."

His favorite fishing methods are using teasers or baits on 30- to 50-pound test line.

Steele's best fishing day came during a trip to Venezuela where he caught six blue marlin in one day. "We were using light tackle and lost another two close to the boat," he says, of the momentous day.

One of the highlights of his fishing career came in 2000 when he was named IGFA 'Angle of the Year'. "I had a great time that year fishing with Billy Borer, Robert Navarro and Randy Yates," Steele says.

Tournament fishing is something that Steele especially enjoys.

"It varies from season to season," he says. However, the tournaments he regularly competes in include the White Marlin Open, the USVI Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin (ABMT) or 'Boy Scout' Tournament, Mid-Atlantic 500, World Cup, Bermuda Big Game Classic and various others.

His favorite tournament is a toss up between the White Marlin Open and the ABMT.

"The White Marlin Open because that was my first tournament and something I have done for a long time," says Steele, "and the Boy Scout (ABMT) for the caliber of the competition."

Throughout the year, Steele regularly travels to Venezuela; St. Thomas; Bermuda; Ocean City, Maryland; and Costa Rica to fish.

Coming up, Steele says, "I just returned from Bermuda and Ocean City, and will head to St. Thomas, and then possibly Venezuela for the late fall/Thanksgiving time frame."

In between these fishing trips, he manages his financial services, real estate services and associated software development companies along with various other business and investments.

In the future, Steele says, "I believe the conservation bug, awareness and education has helped tremendously with the recreational angling and ultimately will help the fishery. Certainly, continued management on the commercial side will further assist in the fishery rebuilding and replenishing over time. It is up to all of us to make sure this happens and we need to contribute and give back to the sport and these wonderful fish that we search all over the world for."