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Angler Profile - June 2007


By Carol Bareuther

Luis Infanzon is a man who can get things done. He's the chair of this year's 54th edition of the San Juan International Billfish Tournament (August 16-22). When he's not fishing, he heads up exports and new sales for a window and door factory that grosses $83 million annually. But what really matters, of course, is that when he goes marlin fishing - bam - he gets his releases. In fact, it was five for five blues that earned him Top Angler at the 2006 USVI Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament, the 'Boy Scout' tournament in St. Thomas.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Luis says, "I started fishing with my father at the age of 8. My father was one of the founders of the Puerto Rico Light Tackle Anglers Association, of which I am a member today along with the International Game Fishing Association and World Billfish Series."

Blue marlin is his favorite species to catch, especially by bait-and-switch on 30-pound test or less.

However, he also enjoys catching other billfish species.

"Some of my best fishing," Infanzon says, "includes the day I caught 21 sailfish, the day I caught 4 blue marlin, and the day I caught 13 striped marlin."

He continues, "But my best day was aboard the 'Lady Lou' in St. Thomas back in 2000. We caught 7 for 7 blue marlin to win the 'Boy Scout' tournament (Best Boat) that year."

Infanzon's billfish season usually starts in Venezuela or Panama, and then moves to the Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and back to Venezuela. He fished 93 days in 2006.

Over the years and along the way, he's also angled in other fishing hot spots such as Costa Rica and Ecuador, although he admits that Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is an especially favored fishing destination.

"My favorite tournaments are the ILLTA's, the IBT in Puerto Rico, Galapagos Tournament, and 'Boy Scout' in St. Thomas," he says. "The 'Boy Scout' tournament is special because of the competition."

Fishing and friendship go hand-in-hand for Infanzon. "My fishing partner and friend always is Jose 'Pico' Valdes. We fish from aboard his 60-foot Spencer, Mojito."

In the future, Infanzon says, "I see the future as not too good. It's become very business-oriented and a lot of fishermen are not helping with the conservation effort. We still need to do a lot more if we want our grandchildren to be able to see and catch a marlin."