Bermuda may not have won the 2010 World Cup, but the big blue marlin are

here now Big Time.  This is the place to be.......I couldn't even get this

report out quickly because there's too much to's blown my

mind - I can't write - I just don't know where to start.............


Ok well one thing at a time.  How about the third and final day of the 37th

Annual Sea Horse Anglers Club Billfish Tournament that was fished on

Saturday July 17.  As always, it was a very exciting finish.  "Freedom"

made a fast start on Day Three with blue marlin releases at 8:08 am and

9:18 am to move them up to 2,000 points and into the tournament lead ahead

of "Click Through".  Ultimately this was good enough to win the Day Three

Release Daily worth $16,500, and their four blue marlin releases earned

them 2nd Place in the tournament overall, worth a further $8,400.  The 82'

Viking "Sea'duce" started the day with 1,500 points and added blue marlin

releases at 12:02 pm and 1:07 pm, which gave them an impressive 2,500

points for 5 blue marlin releases.  The latter release vaulted them into

the tournament lead ahead of "Freedom".  These are the most points scored

in the Sea Horse since the tournament switched to a three day format, and

it earned "Sea'duce" First Place honors worth $16,800 - HUGE

CONGRATULATIONS to Capt. Eric Solderholm and team.


Capt. James Robinson and team aboard "Wound Up" had a quiet start to the

tournament.......that ended at 8:50 am in the deep off Grape Bay on South

Shore when a slob of a blue marlin piled-on and angler Ken Winton was

hooked-up tight.  An hour or so later, at 9:58 am, Capt. James called to

say that she was on the deck, and it was clearly a good one in the 800 lb

class.  The team then proceeded to have an active day, with Ken also

releasing a 400 pounder at 12:12 pm and then they were attacked by an even

bigger blue marlin than the one already aboard.  Eventually, they made it

back to Barr's Bay Park and the big blue marlin tipped the scales at 858 lb

and was easily good enough to win the Big Blue Marlin Jackpot worth $47,520

and the Day Three Blue Marlin Jackpot worth a further $17,820, and Ken

Winton's 1,358 points earned him the prestigious High Point Angler award

worth another $2,800. NICE GOING WOUND UP !!!   Capt. James Robinson is

certainly carving-out an impressive big blue marlin track record.  This 858

lb blue marlin was the biggest weighed in the 2010 Triple Crown.  Last year

his 865 lb blue marlin not only won the World Cup, but it was the biggest

blue weighed in the 2009 Triple Crown.  "Wound Up" becomes the first boat

to have taken the "biggest blue marlin in the Triple Crown" honor more than

once, and to do it in consecutive years is very impressive. "Wound Up" also

caught the heaviest blue marlin weighed in Bermuda in 2008 when Capt. James

and team landed a 1,049 lb Grander on July 7, 2008.


The team aboard "Click Through" started the final day in the lead in both

the Sea Horse and the overall Triple Crown, but they were unable to add any

points to their tally and so had to sweat it out.  In the Sea Horse they

were surpassed by "Sea'duce" and "Freedom" but they held onto Third Place

overall worth $5,600, with 1,766 points courtesy of a 666 lb blue marlin

and two blue marlin releases and a spearfish release.  In the Triple Crown

race, "Blank Check" released a blue marlin at 9:04 am which brought them up

to 3,500 points and within 2 blue marlin releases of the lead, but that was

as near as they came and they settled for 5th Place in the final Series

standings. "Weez in the Keys" were desperate for redemption after their bad

call on Day Two and they were given hope with a white release 1:07 pm that

brought them to within a 400 points of the lead, but they settled for 4th

Place.  Their performance in the Triple Crown series was highly noteworthy.

First, the landing of an undersize blue marlin (462 lb) on Day Two of the

Sea Horse did cost them the Triple Crown title, but this is not an

unprecedented occurrence - in 2008 "Tease Em" boated an undersized blue

marlin in the Classic which, had they released, would have enabled them to

win the Triple Crown.  One difference - as noted by my friend Straws

Haycock, "Weez in the Keys" would have won the 2010 Triple Crown if they

had pulled the hook on the 462 pounder.  Oh well..........the team on Weez

did break a record of sorts - they are the first boat to score points on

every day of a single Triple Crown series and they caught more billfish (14

= 7 blue releases, 6 white releases and the 462 lb blue boated) than has

ever been achieved in a single Triple Crown Series. The two blue marlin

released by "Sea'duce" on Day Three brought them to within 266 points of

the lead and they settled for 3rd Place in the Triple Crown along with

their win in the Sea Horse - this team really came on strong - after

getting blanked in the Blast they finished the Series with 8 blue marlin

releases and a white release !!  The ever consistent "Que Mas" was eager to

become the first boat to win more than one Triple Crown and they spent the

entire final day a mere 166 points behind "Click Through" - just a white

would do, but it was not to be.  Still, the "Que Mas" team had some serious

excitement shortly after the tournament and they have the best historical

track record in the Triple Crown.  They won it all in 2008 and they have

now finished up as runners-up twice (2010 and 2007).  So, it wasn't easy

but Capt. Matthew Mauldwin and team aboard "Click Through" held on and are

thoroughly deserving 2010 Bermuda Triple Crown Champions - MASSIVE

CONGRATULATIONS to them !!!!   Over the 8-day Series they weighed a 666 lb

blue marlin, released 7 other blue marlin and released a white and a

spearfish.  In each of the past 5 years we had the peculiarity of every

team that won the Classic also went on to win the Triple Crown - that was

statistically strange given that the Classic is only 37% of the total

Series.  Anyway, that trend is broken as the team on "Click Through" won

the 2010 Series by placing 3rd in the Blast, 5th in the Classic and 3rd in

the Sea Horse = very impressive consistency.


So Day Three of the Sea Horse saw 16 blue marlin taken (858 lb boated plus

15 releases) and 3 whites released.  This meant that over the three days of

the Sea Horse, 28 boats caught 45 blue marlin, 13 whites and a spearfish.

Of those 59 billifish, all but four were released.  The four taken were

blue marlin weighing 858 lb, 749 lb, 666 lb and an undersize at 462 lb.

That is a FANTASTIC result.  The 37 lb wahoo taken by "Paradise One" on Day

Two held up to win the Gamefish Award worth $2,800.  The final Sea Horse

standings are as follows:


1.    Sea'duce - 5 blue marlin releases - 2,500 points and cash winnings of


2.    Freedom - 4 blue marlin releases - 2,000 points and cash winnings of


3.    Click Through - 666 lb blue boated; 2 blue marlin releases; 1

spearfish release - 1,766 points and cash winnings of $23,420

4.    Triple Play - 749 lb blue marlin boated; 2 blue marline releases -

1,749 points and cash winnings of $17,820

5.    Queen of Hearts - 3 blue marlin releases - 1,500

6.    Wound Up - 858 lb blue marlin boated; 1 blue marlin release - 1,358

points and cash winnings of $68,140

7.    Reel Lax - 2 blue marlin releases; 1 white release - 1,200 points and

cash winnings of $16,500

8.    Bree - 2 blue marlin releases; 1 white release - 1,200

9.    Pink Impression - 2 blue marlin releases; 1 white release

10.  Mama Who - 2 blue marlin releases; 1 white release

11.  Blank Check - 2 blue marlin releases - 1,000

12.  Reel Hot - 2 blue marlin releases

13.  Artemis - 2 blue marlin releases

14.  Ovation - 1 blue marlin release; 2 white releases - 900

15.  El Cazador - 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release - 700

16.  Challenger - 1 blue release; 1 white release

17.  Paradise One - 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release - 700 points and

cash winnings of $2,800

18.  Mako - 1 blue marlin release - 500

19.  Uno Mas - 1 blue marlin release

20.  Mega Bucks - 1 blue marlin release

21.  Off Piste - 1 blue marlin release

22.  C YA - 1 blue marlin release

23.  Que Mas - 2 white releases - 400

24.  Weez in the Keys - 1 blue marlin undersize 462 lb; 1 blue marlin

release; 2 white releases - 324 points


23 of the 28 boats (82%) successfully photographed and released at least

one blue marlin during the Sea Horse and only four boats failed to score:

Last Chance, Over Budget, Sea Quest and Treasure Isle.


The top 5 boats in the 2010 Bermuda Triple Crown Series are as follows:


1.  Click Through - 4,466

2.  Que Mas - 4,300

3.  Sea'duce - 4,200

4.  Weez in the Keys - 4,124

5.  Blank Check - 3,500


Over the entire 2010 Triple Crown there were 139 blue marlin, 48 whites and

a spearfish caught. 180 (>95%) of these billfish were photographed and

released.  8 blue marlin were boated (2009 - 7).  Last year there were no

undersize (i.e., under 500 lb) blue marlin brought to the scales, however

this year 2 of the 8 brought in were undersize.  How does the total count

compare to prior years? - it's been by far the best blue marlin bite in the

Triple Crown era - see below:


2010 - 139 blues and 48 whites = 0.45 blues per boat per day; 0.16 whites

per boat per day

2009 - 73 blues and 73 whites = 0.24 blues per boat per day; 0.24 whites

per boat per day

2008 - 115 blues and 65 whites = 0.37 blues per boat per day; 0.21 whites

per boat per day

2007 - 123 blues and 86 whites = 0.35 blues per boat per day; 0.25 whites

per boat per day

2006 - 133 blues and 34 whites = 0.37 blues per boat per day; 0.09 whites

per boat per day

2005 - 77 blues and 23 whites = 0.30 blues per boat per day; 0.09 whites

per boat per day


Subsequent to the conclusion of the Triple Crown, the RED HOT marlin bite

continues and the REALLY BIG BLUE MARLIN are here.  On July 21, visiting

boat "C YA" hooked into Porky in 200 fathom off Mid Ocean Point - the

battle was on and the big blue marlin was eventually brought in and it

tipped the scales at 1,005 lbs - the 2nd Bermuda GRANDER taken this month

(see photo attached) !!!  The very next day, "Que Mas" was leaving Bermuda

and was about 50 miles offshore when they too were attacked by a monster

with Capt. Travis in the chair.  Eventually they too boated the big blue

and so they returned to Bermuda and in a rather bizarre coincidence their

fish also weighed 1,005 lbs.  So back-to-back GRANDERS in Bermuda - that's

three Granders hung here in the past few weeks.  There's also been plenty

of other big fish raised, hooked and/or fought and lost or successfully

released.  I believe Capt. Allen Desilva's "Mako" released a 900 pounder

last week and on Sunday July 25 they released a double header consisting of

a blue marlin better than 400 and a bigger one estimated at 750 lb - now

that's some action !!!   Capt. Cragin Curtis and his "Reel Addiction" team

have been meat fishing for charters (chumming etc.) but still releasing a

blue on almost every trip - one day last week they released a 600 pounder

and on Sunday they caught two blue marlin from 4 shots and boated a 143 lb

yellowfin (I attach a pic of the tuna with Cragin and young Tucker Curtis

looking on).  There's been a few nice yellowfin taken, but they are not



So, in summary the Fishing is AWESOME in Bermuda and thank you to Dan

Jacobs and team for running a GREAT Triple Crown as always !!!