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This form becomes our working file copy and it must be filled out regardless of the fact that the applicant may be a repeater with many years of service. Observers are selected on their fishing experience and by their physical ability to be stationed in the cockpit, near the action. Often the outcome of this tournament hinges on the close up positioning of the observer (to spot rule infractions and to insure species identification under extreme conditions). Please be honorable and pass on this application unless you are physically fit, responsible and have ample billfishing experience. An inexperienced, irresponsible or immobile observer can easily throw the tournament winnings into the hands of an undeserving angler or team.

Note! Do not return this form without including your billfishing experience and the signature of a member of the Member Board of Captains if required. IGFA and ABMT certified observers are not required to obtain a captain's recommendation or signature.

Your Name: _________________________     _______________________________
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Address:   _____________________________________________________________

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Badge issued by:  IGFA ____   ABMT  ____  Color __________ Not certified ____ 

Number of years observing in an ABMT operated tournament: ______

Tournament you would like to observe in:  ___________________________________



  • I swear that I will uphold the rules of this tournament and those of I.G.F.A.
  • I swear that I will be dependable during my engagement and prompt to my daily boat assignments.
  • I swear that I will not participate in any betting activities, nor will I accept gifts (monetary or otherwise) from the contestants or members of the crew.
  • I swear that the fishing experience listed on my application is correct.
  • I understand that my observer duties will require me to be stationed in the cockpit, where there is a possibility of my being positioned in harms way.

  • In the event of any physical or emotional harm endured by me during my term of service - I agree to hold harmless the ABMT tournamentcommittee, the vessel owners and the sposors.

Date:        /      /   

Applicant sign: _____________________________________


Approx. number of Blue Marlin seen caught while you were onboard: ................. _________

Approx. number of White Marlin seen caught while you were onboard: ............... _________

Approx. number of Sailfish seen caught while you were onboard:......................... _________

Approx. number of Spearfish seen caught while you were onboard:..................... _________

NOTE: Preference is given to IGFTO, IGFA OR ABMT certified observers. If you have not yet obtained your certification you may still apply by obtaining the recommendaton of a member of the ABMT BOARD OF CAPTAINS (BOC).

I, Captain _________________________________ hereby certify that the observer applicant before me is of good character and appears to be in good enough physical condition to observe from the cockpit. I have read the applicant’s stated fishing experience and I feel that I can recommend this person for the duty of serving the anglers and crews in this tournament.

Date:       /         /  
Telephone: ( ) -
Email: @
The here listed members of the ABMT 'Board of Captains' are certified to recommend observer applicants.