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Dear Sponsors,


There was a time when annually we looked forward to operating a “local” tournament over the August full moon here in St. Thomas – thirty-eight years later - we still do but who’s big idea was it to start operating fishing tournaments around the world in an effort to create the World Series of Big Game Fishing?  I take the blame and now I’m inviting you join us in our goal to take the sport to a new level – placing it on a global stage with the possibility of millions of viewers watching the excitement.  It’s time for this to happen and someone must do it!  JL


Founding Sponsors

A founding sponsorship is our way of saying “thank you” to our existing sponsors.  As we grow and become more established in the fishing world we don’t want to forget where we came from and who helped us getting there.  For the purpose of recognizing them and establishing new sponsor policies, we have decided to provide our founding sponsors a four year “grandfather” contract starting in 2011.  This contract is industry exclusive, meaning we will not accept competing sponsors who sell a similar product or promote the same exact or a similar service.

Industry Sponsors

An industry sponsor is a company, partnership or an individual whose majority earnings are derived from providing a product or service for the sport.  Product or service exclusive sponsorships are made available for a defined period of time. 

Non-Industry Sponsors

A non-industry sponsor is a company, partnership or individual whose majority earnings are not derived from the marine or fishing industry.  Contracts with these sponsors are time defined and may be industry exclusive, depending on the financial commitment of the sponsor.  Non-industry sponsors may wish to sponsor an event inside of an event, a leg of a series or an entire series.      

Destination Sponsors

These sponsorships are almost always non-exclusive contractual agreements.      

Travel Provider Sponsors

A travel provider sponsor is an airline, cruiseline or ground transport company.  Exclusive contracts between geographical points are available.

Sustaining Sponsors

These are individuals or companies who are willing to pledge dollars or services to help us reach the goal of creating the World Series of Big Game Fishing.  Sustaining sponsorships may also be companies wanting to reserve an “industry exclusive” position for a defined period of time. 


To discuss a sponsorship please contact us at 340-775-9500 or email loveto@islands.vi